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Text by Millie Ling with photos by Hubert & Millie Ling These pages are in the process of evolving from just a photo collection showing the beauty of our native plants to a source of information on identification, botanical features, and cultivation to enhance our appreciation of how our plants are "fearfully and wonderfully made".

NEW: Plants by List

Plants by Flowering Season

All plants are native to New Jersey unless stated otherwise. Choose a blooming season below and not only experience the beauty of our native plants but also learn about them and how they have developed unique solutions for survival. Click on the image or the link below.




Non Flowering Plants

A new collection of plant profiles and photos is being started to include ferns and conifers.


Just for the Beauty

Autumn Colors

Winter Scenes

Native Hot Spots - USA

Want to see native plants in the wild in profusion? Take a vacation to the Great Smokys, or Isle Royale National Park located in Lake Superior. Click on the icons/links below.

Great Smoky Mountains
National Park in the Spring

Slideshow: Mountains of NC
including the Smokys in the Summer

Isle Royale
National Park

Some references used on the photo pages

Standard references:

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There is a newer version now.

Manual of Vascular Plants
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Field Guides:

A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-central North America
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Newcomb's Wildflower Guide
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